Fitness professional, personal coach, and an international fitness presenter. Passionate movement expert with extensive experience in the fitness industry. Driven by a deep-rooted belief in everyone's potential for enhanced movement and overall well-being.

Specializes in applying the science of biomechanics and functional movements through a fun and engaging approach.

Emphasizes on mindset transformations that empower individuals to redefine their perceptions of themselves, their capabilities, and the world they inhabit.

Recognizes the challenges and rewards inherent in mindset shifts, guiding individuals towards newfound possibilities and opportunities.

Believes in the power of mindset change, enabling individuals to achieve greater heights, cultivate happiness, and lead fulfilling lives.

Leading on classes such as Tribal Fascia Flow and Tribal Primal Movement that focus on dynamic flows to connect through the fascia tissue using the tense and release method.

What do I offer?
🔘 Personal Training (Mobile and Online)
🔘 Sports Massage
🔘 Pre and Post Natal Fitness
🔘 Adventurous Activity Lead 
🔘 Tribal Fascia Flow
🔘 Tribal Primal Movement
🔘 House Flow
🔘 Nutrition Guidance and Support
🔘 Youth Coaching
🔘 Strength Conditioning
🔘 Corporate Fitness
🔘 Weight Management

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